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From The American Chemical Society (ACS)

"By popular demand, Dr. Shib Mookherjea has agreed to offer several encore sessions of his Methods Development short course
this fall!  And there is more good news!  Dr. Mookherjea has developed two new, one-day courses
exclusively for the ACS.  These courses will also be presented in several locations in the coming months.

His new course, “Analytical Validation and Regulatory Compliance Issues for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Devices and
Related Industries” picks up where the two-day methods development course left off.  The methods
development course helped you see the big picture and develop a thought process for method development and optimization.  His
new follow-up course will provide you with an in-depth focus on important validation and regulatory
compliance issues.

The second course Dr. Mookherjea developed, “Qualification and Validation of Laboratory Instruments and Equipment for
Regulatory and QS Compliance,” will give you an in-depth understanding of the process for design, installation,
operation and performance for laboratory instruments and equipment to meet the requirements of various quality systems.

Dr. Mookherjea’s courses will afford you the invaluable opportunity to consult with him about your company-specific quality,
regulatory, and compliance problems and concerns.

If you have attended Dr. Mookherjea’s courses in the past, you are already familiar with his impressive credentials and know what
fabulous learning opportunities his courses provide.  Take a few moments to look over the enclosed course descriptions and please
feel free to pass the information on to colleagues in your organization who you think will benefit from Dr. Mookherjea’s instruction."

“Dr. Shib, your concepts are revolutionary!”

"Instructor was good at making class think about concepts instead of just stating them.  Group exercise was very useful at
incorporating lessons.  I found it very helpful knowing what requirements are needed at each stage of product development..."

"Contents were appropriate for the course title, and I liked the instructor's interactive style of presenting."

"This course covers real-world technical issues... very practical."

"Very thorough relative to what was promised.  Good presentation, questions answered in very precise manner.  Enjoyed session
on preparing validation protocol."