ValQual International, Inc. (VQI) provides comprehensive
services to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and
medical device industries.

Managing and operating a compliant organization today is a
challenge.  We offer expertise and a proven track record of
world-class scientific professionals that can partner with your
organization to achieve your compliance, training, technology
and validation needs.
American Chemical Society
GDChE (Germany)
GMP Training Systems
IBC (Singapore)
IPA Canada
LC Resources
Sindusfarma (Brazil)
and others
Training and Development Solutions

Training is an integral component to achieving total compliance.  Through a
partnered approach in preparing your organization to comply with regulatory
and quality requirements, we can customize our training programs to meet
the needs of your organization.  Our courses, seminars and workshops are
conducted by instructors with decades of professional expertise in the
pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  Examples of some of the
organizations and various professional societies are:
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